Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the next frontier in regenerative medicine – manufacturing. If the field is going to be successful bringing high-quality, cost-effective therapies to patients, now is the time to begin the important work of developing the manufacturing processes. Collaboration between a variety of stakeholders will increase the chance of success.

Membership is open to any individual interested in or working in the area of regenerative medicine manufacturing. During the society’s startup phase, membership is free. To join, complete the form below.

The society’s current members represent the following companies, institutions and organizations:

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences


Applied Stem Cell

Auxocell Laboratories

BioBots, Inc.

BioReactor Sciences


Janssen R&D

LifeLink® Foundation


Millipore Sigma

MPR Associates, Inc.

Nanofiber Solutions, Inc.

Panasonic Healthcare

PepGel LLC


Perinatal Stem Cell Society

Precise Bio

RoosterBio Inc.

Smithfield Bioscience, a division of Smithfield Foods


Tissue Testing Technologies

Title21 Health Solutions

Viscus Biologics LLC

VisMed 3D